The Smarter Web Company operates a fair use policy that allows any website to have up to 200,000 page impressions each calendar month. We also limit the number of technical support hours that you receive within your package to 2 hours each calendar month. We will monitor your usage each calendar month so that we can protect our systems for all our customers.

We do request that files uploaded to your website are no larger than 1MB in file size. This is more than adequate for web browsing and larger files can impact on bandwidth.

If you use more than your fair use policy amount, we reserve the right to restrict additional page impressions above this limit or ask you to pay a higher annual charge for the service.

We offer unlimited pages on several packages but this is intended to allow you to add additional pages via the content management system. We do limit the number of pages that we will create for you when we build the website to around 100 pages all based on the same inner page template.

We ask for our company credit in your website footer. We will place this in a subtle position agreed with you during the design phase. We ask for this as we take pride in every website that we create and view each and every website as an advert of the quality that we can offer.

On some projects we are able to offer 50% payment upfront and then 50% payment when the website goes live. We do not offer this on the basis that you delay going live when we have completed most of our work or that you then can cancel the project with us without reason. Should there be a delay in going live caused by you then we reserve the right to ask for the 50% balance payment unless it has been agreed differently.

Should you wish to stop using our service we request 1 calendar months notice.

The Smarter Web Company Limited reserves the right to update these terms of use at any time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.