Why businesses need SEO


For many businesses, the traffic that SEO offers can make the difference between success and failure. This, of course, is especially true if you’re 100% an online business!

It provides the opportunity to spread your message and products/services to a potentially enormous customer base for a relatively small outlay.

And if you are a local business struggling to survive due to a larger competitor moving into your area, or a change in socio-economic behaviour that has led to a drop-in business, you’re able to reach out to new customers that local competition can’t affect.

Here are 6 ways to think about SEO and the benefit that it can bring to your business:

1. Re-engage and new clients

You can re-engage your existing customer base. But remember, if they can’t find your site, it’s of no use to you. Encouraging existing clients to search for and find your site online can re-invigorate your relationship with them. Especially if you offer incentives for them to do so.

2. Brand reputation

A website that has been optimized well should enhance your brand reputation by re-enforcing the message with good clear headlines and content which matches the keyword phrases (or messages, if you like) that you think relevant to your business and which people may use when finding the products and services you offer.

3. Keep ahead of the competition

From window cleaners to recruitment companies, if your site is fully optimized, you will find you pick up orders and business that your competitors miss out on. The first place anyone looks these days is online.

4. Conversion to purchase

If you have goods and services that people can buy immediately, SEO allows you to potentially get visitors to ‘land’ in the right part of your site where you can target them with certain of those goods and services, depending on the SEO approach you are taking.

5. Use your stats

Good SEO means you can use a programme (some are free, such as Google Analytics) to see exactly how SEO is working for you and how you perhaps should change your site or SEO work in reaction. SEO specialist firms can help you understand the results and lay out the information in a way which is meaningful for your understanding of your business and how to develop it.

6. Should you hire someone?

Working on your SEO is not something you can do once and then forget about for a year. It should be an ongoing process, and this can be time consuming and difficult to get right.

Can we help you?

There are many different companies advertising many different SEO services. We speak to lots of people who then tell us that we are the first company to explain what SEO is, how it works and what they may expect from a SEO campaign. Too many companies confuse people and create an impression that SEO is more akin to black magic than one of the cheapest and easiest to implement marketing strategies.

SEO is relatively straightforward and if you are looking for help start by asking for examples of how they have helped either their own business or other clients. Make sure that you ask to see results.

We offer a variety of SEO strategies to suit all businesses and budgets. Contact us if you want some advice and one of our team will be happy to help.