Web design with multiple systems. APIs, XML & JSON.


An API is a term used in web design where you want to link two different systems together. It stands for application programming interface.

In its simplest form a business may understand that they will benefit from creating a new website but it maybe that certain aspects of the website can be delivered using existing systems, via API calls, which will often help reduce time and therefore cost.

An example of an API is a property website where within the website there will be a list of properties (often with a radius search). Often a business will have an existing process for managing this data and then pushing it out to the various platforms it then appears on. One of these platforms will be the business website and as such it is often possible that the data can be fed into the website as opposed to creating new additional content managed through a content management system.

Whilst property websites and recruitment websites are the most popular examples we discuss with clients and potential clients there are numerous possibilities including:


Whilst there are many different programming languages the concept behind an API is that it should allow two different systems to communicate. There options for this are much more limited, or standardised, than different programming languages and the most common are:


Our team has over 20 years’ experience in working with different APIs and if you are looking at improving your existing website or creating a new website please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will explain how we can help you.