Emails Going To Office 365 SPAM Folders


Over the last few weeks we have noticed lots of clients sending emails which have then been flagged as SPAM if the recipient uses the Microsoft Office 365 email solution.

Towards the end of 2021, or early 2022, Microsoft adjusted their SPAM filters and if your DNS is not configured correctly you will potentially see a lot of your emails being marked as SPAM and potentially then not being seen as intended.

Its an easy update to your DNS to avoid this issue and so we recommend that you set up DKIM for email and then use DMARC.

You can do this by following these step by step instructions and if you are a Smarter Web Company client get in touch and our support team will assist.

How to use DKIM for email in your custom domain - Office 365

Use DMARC to validate email, setup steps - Office 365